nikola2Nikola Starcevic - guitar player, teacher, composer and arranger, was born in 1980. He graduated at the Belgrade Music Academy - FMU, in Professor Vera Ogrizovic’s class, and now he works as a classical guitar teacher in Belgrade-Serbia. He composes and performs various styles of music in different ensembles. Many famous artists around the world perform his music. He is the president of Balkan Art, a society that represents artists and promotes musical art, especially art of the Balkans.

10590434 306799286167762 4944590694276828589 nDuo Starcevic performs intensively worldwide, being guest of great Festivals (World, Jazz, Classical…) and concert halls. They played in the USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, UK, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. They also do master classes for guitar students and participate in work of the juries on guitar competitions.

tbz1Trio Balkan Strings, an internationally acclaimed trio, performs its original guitar music, a fusion of Balkan, Jazz, Swing, Latin and Classical music. The result is an authentic, attractive music with the finest taste and unique interpretation. They invented 6 hands performing on one guitar and that is their trademark.


nsb4Balkanophonia is a vocal-instrumental bend, which performs a Balkan colored World Music style. Their music is a mix of Balkan, Gypsy, Latin, Pop and Classical music. It is an original music and traditional Serbian and Balkan music in general, as well as world hits with new arrangements. The band performs as trio - guitar, accordion and vocal, but also includes occasionally percussions, bass, more vocals and electronics.


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