Balkan Art organization was founded in 2014, and its objectives are promotion of musical art, culture and cultural values​​, especially the culture of the Balkan region, in Serbia and abroad, affirmation of artists and arts, supporting individuality, creativity, originality and freedom of expression, the education of citizens, especially children and young people in the art of music and culture, encouraging and nurturing spiritual values​​, a multinational and multicultural cooperation, and other objectives of general interest. 

To achieve its objectives, the Association, in particular:

1) organizes, alone or in partnership with other organizations, concerts, festivals, professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of education in the field of culture, in Serbia and abroad;

2) organizes professional artists and other professionals to work on educating people, especially children and youth in the art of music;

3) cooperates with universities, schools, cultural centers, professional associations and other organizations in Serbia and abroad, dealing with culture;

4) cooperates with other relevant national and international associations and organizations, and with companies, foundations, organizations and local authorities in order to promote art and the artists’ work;

5) helps development of arts;

6) collects funds for the realization of the objectives of the association of donors, foundations, organizations, associations and other legal entities supporting culture;

7) applies with various projects at national and international competitions;

8) organizes author’ service for its members (mediate in the negotiation of the transfer of copyright, care of the collection of copyright and performing other duties as authorized by the author to protect his copyright);

9) represents the members of the Association at the conclusion of contracts with third parties and provides legal assistance in the protection of the moral and material copyright;

10) informs the members for the purpose of continuous professional development and collaboration;

11) announces the publication in the field of arts and culture, in printed or electronic form and gives license to a third party for the publication of the author's work of members of the Association;

12) collects and processes the literature in the field of musical art and culture;

13) performs other activities aimed at achieving the objectives for which the Association is established.


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